Tim Lane

DSCN4223My name is Tim Lane. I live in Norwich (a fine city) which is in Norfolk (Nelson’s county apparently) which is in the United Kingdom. I make stuff. Not tables or trousers but songs and plays and pictures and stories – that kind of thing. I play the guitar and muck about with music technology.  I wear hats and I read books, largely the kind that don’t get considered for the Booker Prize. I do a bit of acting  and directing and it’s fair to say that I think theatrical stuff is pretty cool. I write songs and compose music and I play this stuff in public because I can sing a bit, although I’m more about quantity than quality on that front. I’ve written a musical and one day I might write another. I like films but my tastes here generally run to the kind of thing that my more discerning friends find a bit stupid. I listen to a LOT of music and I like all kinds of stuff. In the past I written long lists of influences for music bios but this is probably very tedious to read so I’ll leave it at this: I’m not terribly keen on musicians who take themselves too seriously unless they take themselves SO seriously that it’s silly, I struggle with stuff where I can’t understand the words and I can take or leave reggae as a general rule. I’m a teacher and a perpetual student and politically I am very left wing. I like cricket and rugby but I don’t much care for football. I like paintings and as general rule I believe that size IS important when it comes to art. I am very lucky in that have many very long-suffering friends who are all individually extraordinary human beings. I don’t hold grudges…. it boils down to this:

I like making stuff, I like talking about making stuff. I like stuff other people have made and where I can I like to encourage other people to make stuff.


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